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Zdi is the preferred supply chain partner for technology companies.

Chip PictureOur group was established in 1992 during the pre-internet era when relationships and people networks were the basis of our industry. We have continued from our grass roots developing global relationships and becoming obsessed with quality of the parts we sell. We are a total quality management culture at Zdi. Our software systems and processes are inherent to our DNA as we have evolved with the technology we buy and sell. Our people, systems, assurance of supply programs and emphasis on component authenticity make us the preferred partner of choice. Market intelligence and data at our fingertips gives our customers and partners’ information they need quickly.

Chip PictureAny entity that buys or sells technology products in today’s market needs to be concerned with their quality systems. The ever growing counterfeit epidemic is a disturbing plague that is touching all aspects of the global supply chain. Zdi has been proactive with its quality efforts from inception however; we have taken the quality challenge to the next level. Being a pioneer in developing “gap free” processes and systems to combat counterfeit components we made the commitment and founded our affiliate sister company: EQualtiy Process, Inc., in 2008. EQuality is revered as a global expert in component quality-authenticity assurance and its services are being utilized by Lockheed Martin, DRS Technologies, L-3 Communications any several other US government prime and sub contractors.

Chip PictureOur people are veterans in the supply and component distribution industry. We serve the US Government, prime defense contractor community, public and privately held companies in the commercial and industrial space. If your needs are as minor as a component material shortage, long term supply solution or a challenging quality issue we have a tailored value added program solution that can assist. You will receive a quick knowledgeable response and rest assured you will receive authentic parts guaranteed.

When your program is mission, safety or life-critical give us a call.

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