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Quality is the nucleus of what we do.

In April of 2003 we began seeing an increase of counterfeiting that primarily originated from Asian vendors. Initially we received material that was "empty lead frames" or "dummy components" (essentially parts that had no die in them).

The counterfeiters model has evolved to a reclamation of used parts that are removed from PCB's and then staged for reprocessing. The counterfeiter will receive and inquiry for material and then re-work the used part by resurfacing the top and applying a new black coat to the device. Further, they will straighten the leads using lead straightening equipment and at time "re-solder flow" the leads and represent the material as new.

Zdi has responded to this threat by establishing our sister company Equality Process, Inc. (Est.. 2007) as a firewall to this epidemic. EQP performs all the inspection verification analysis and 3PL for Zdi. "Counterfeit Components Stop Here".

Equality Process
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