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Integrated SystemsWithout a doubt one of Zdi’s key differentiators in the global market place is our ongoing development of “home grown” software applications. Our first version of our business to business distribution application ZD Solutions was completed in 1998. Over the past decade this system has grown in size and capability essentially running all aspects of the company. In 2008 we founded our affiliate company EQuality Process, Inc. and developed our proprietary Barcode Inspection Process (BIP) that handles all receiving and counterfeit detection analysis functions for our group real time. Further, all web development including our MyZdi application is developed and maintained in house by our IT Department.

We create technology that provides our employees, customers and partners the information they need quickly at their finger tips.

  • ZD Solutions operating application (Solutions) developed 1998-present.
  • Barcode Inspection Process (BIP) application developed 2007-present.
  • MyZdi web based customer portal developed 2002.

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