Electronic Component Distribution

Electronic Component Distribution

Zdi is the preferred supply chain partner for technology companies.

Camera TechWe provide our customers assurance of supply over any time horizon required. If you need a handful of parts to get you through a production run or if you require a unique supply solution because of a product change notification we can help.

Our resources are vast having over 3 million unique manufacturer part numbers, technical and pricing information in our master database. We have the information available to disseminate quickly if a device has been obsoleted or is scheduled to go on a last time buy within a pre determined time period. Zdi uses its proprietary software system for distribution: “ZD Solutions” which tracks the global available inventory from over 1500 suppliers and OEM/EMS excess inventories. We know where the inventory is and carry on-hand over 20 million active and passive components on our shelves on average at any give time.

Barcode Inspection ProcessWe assist our customers by sourcing critical shortages, managing BOMS, providing long term supply solutions and assisting with quality discrepancies.

We have been dealing in military and commercial off the shelf (COTS) active and passive components since our established date of 1992. Zdi is revered as a component sourcing and quality expert globally. When you need material that must be authentic, on your dock quickly -give us a call.

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