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Long Term Supply Agreement

Long Term Supply Agreement Zdi specializes in long term supply programs for critical and high value components. We will source factory OCM direct, negotiate, procure and store your hard to obtain or end of life (EOL) components for the life of your program, ranging from months to twenty years or more. In a secure warehouse facility (EQuality Process, Inc.), we will dedicate environmentally and electrostatically controlled space to your critical components. For high value components, we offer dry storage ovens with near zero percent humidity conditions maintained. Our trained technicians monitor and assure that your key products are available whenever and wherever you need them. In addition, quality assurance and RoHS testing services are available to ensure that the parts you procure and store are not contaminated or are not remarked or counterfeit components. In this time of uncertainty over counterfeit products, it is critical to be sure that your EOL products are what you believe they are and that they will be functional far into the future. These programs are especially effective when dealing with the long term needs of military, aerospace and medical markets. Our customers include Honeywell, L3, Garmin, Moog and Curtis Wright. Let Zdi be your assurance of supply specialist by providing solutions to your long term supply and end of life problems.

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